In November 2017, Saddleback Worship finished their new Christmas EP, Heaven Has Come. To market their new project, they came to the Global Broadcast Team to make a new music video. As for the art and album cover that would be on the face of all of their merch, they came to me to create their concept.



Our location was a large tent on the Saddleback Church Lake Forest Campus. The inside was an unpleasant dirty off-white color, so we decided to make the best of what we had.

The general theme of the Heaven Has Come and the Christmas season at Saddleback this year was showing the true brightness of the star that the wise men followed, and show how dark and cool colored the night must have been. To do this, we staged many Source Four Leko's around the musicians in a mix of warm/cool gel.


Camera 1 - Red Dragon + Canon 24-70mm f/2.8

Camera 2 - Sony A7Sii + Zeiss 55mm f/1.8

Camera 3 - Sony A7Sii + Sony 28mm f/2.0


Since this was not a live performance, our method of recording was to have the track in the musician's in-ear mixes to make sure all of the timing synced up perfectly. We ran through the song 8 times, with two cameras running for each take. Each take we would focus on each musician separately, then the last takes we set up our special shots that required more planning.



The goal of the album cover was to focus on the power of God's new presence in the world that was dark and cold. The photo was taken at Mount Baker in Washington State, and the gold flakes were added to provide additional texture just in case they wanted an exciting option if this ever went to print. For now, this remains has an online only download.