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Naturally made doesn't mean trash…

In winter 2016 I was approached by Flax Paddles, who needed a complete branding done to their naturally made kayak paddles. The look was surprisingly left open ended, and it was up to me to show them what would be effective in today's market.

The method was to create a brand that wasn't just another naturally made (probably garbage quality) brand that you really only feel like you are doing the world a favor, and not yourself at all. This brand was being made to sound elite BECAUSE of the natural process and strength.


Initial Design

For the first round, I decided to make it extremely sporty, and really push it to the limits. To my surprise, it was an immediate pass. An extremely specific and restricted color palette was made to conserve immediate brand identity. Gotham Black and Book was used to preserve an extremely modern look that would last for years.


Web Design

Having this being my first go at web design, I was very nervous. I took an extremely modern route and included mainly harsh photo blocks and bold texts. Thankfully, this matched the branding very well.

For Round 1, I wanted to show the cooling colors that everybody knows and loves. I wanted the viewer to feel relaxed, but also that they knew Flax was the paddle of professionals. To find the difference of the branding before, we went to a more lifestyle look so that everybody would be interested in the paddles rather than just professional sportsman.


Round 2

The design really needed to be improved in mostly sizing. Realizing that text sizes do not need to be so large, and big amounts of white space is okay. The final comp is listed below.